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Low-quality Pilates equipment is a limiting factor for a good Pilates professional. No matter how solid training the instructor has, if does not work with high-quality Pilates equipment, can have a bad performance in the practice.

That’s why today we are going to show you how to distinguish quality equipment from those that are not and also indicate which factors influence for an equipment to be top level.

Let´s do this?


The most important observation aspect of a Pilates equipment is safety. A student that seeks out your Studio must have confidence that he will go out there without any pain or injury due to accidents on appliances.

Key Points / Crucial Points

Some points are easy to observe and fundamentals to not occur big problems during the exercises execution: the Ladder Barrel and Step Chair structural bases are safer if are made of steel instead of wood.

If the reason is not clear, we will explain to you. In Ladder Barrel, for example, if the structural base is made of wood, your student could leave your Studio with a serious injury. That occurs because its base could simply break during a practice execution, making the student fall, creating or worsen an existing injury.

Accidents like this are not so rare than it should be and not happen if it is a steel base. The steel also prevents the equipment from becoming limping, as occur to the wooden base after some utilization time. In limping equipment, the student has the sensation that is going to fall.

The same careful with the structural base must be taken with the Step Chair. A wooden structural base could result in even more serious accidents. That happens because, in a wooden structural base, the canes could simply open up during the practices.

Depending on your student Pilates evolution level, he may be upside down leaning on the flares. So imagine it open up. Imagined? Certainly, the result is one of the worst things that can happen in a Pilates Studio. It is all you do not need. For a responsibility question with your student health and life, remember to choose an equipment with steel structural base.

Other points

There are other aspects that also can be noted in safety relation. Some of it is not so easy to notice, as the raw materials used in the equipment composition, which we will specify later, but there are those very easy to identify.

In the Cadillac, for example, rubberized bars are anti slip, which makes them much safer, besides comfortable. Always be aware also of the issue of locks on the bars, this on all equipment.

In the Reformer, prefer fully upholstered carriage, that prevent the student from getting hurt with thin edges of wood. Also, see if the footwork bar has good stability.

The verification of all these points demonstrates not only a concern with the student but the responsibility of the professional. So always be committed to the safety of your student!

Now, let´s go to the second aspect? Follow me


The practicality is another key point in choosing a quality Pilates equipment. The life of an instructor is busy, so it is necessary that he has all the facilities he can to speed up the routine and save time in the tasks, gaining quality of life.

So when it comes to choosing equipment, this point needs to be asked. An example of an aspect where you can seek practicality is in relation to the Reformer springs. Make sure they are easily accessible.

Observe also all the facilities of spring adjustment, if it is necessary the use of spring clips or do not, for example. At Cadillac, observe the vertical and horizontal bars adjustment and if the handles have accessible localization.

Try always watching for points that optimize your daily life. Now let´s move on? Follow me!  


The comfort is also fundamental on the choosing of Pilates quality equipment for your studio. The students who choose the Pilates rather than a gym really want to “feel good” during de exercises and your space needs to deliver this to them if you want to retain them.

Observe always on the equipment if it is ergonomic, if the material, besides of being resistant, also being comfortable, if has rubberized bars and if there is upholstery in the parts of greater contact of the apparatus with the student body.

You, as Pilates professional, know well the exercises that are executed on equipment, so ask yourself when choosing one: is it possible to execute all the activities on this device comfortably?

An example: on practices using the Reformer, a lot of pressure is exercised on the shoulders. Therefore, the shoulder pads must fit easily, providing comfort and resistance.

Equally, in other equipment, be alert on those contact points, mainly on those where occur more pressure, always putting yourself in student’s place. If the equipment that you want does not provide comfort to your student, certainly is not your best option.

Materials quality

Good and strong materials are also essential to have Pilates quality equipment. The raw material, more than the visual aspect, also is fundamental to the student’s safety. This is a difficult point for a layperson to evaluate, but let’s get you an overview:


Pilates professionals know that springs are essential parts for Pilates practices. The best are those with an e-coat finish, because the quality and durability are much larger than nickel plating, which is the most common to find in the market.

To get an idea of the superiority of the springs with e-coat finish, the anticorrosive protection of them is also well appreciated by the automotive industry, which uses it for high protection finishes.


The wood corresponds to a considerable part of the composition of Pilates equipment. Therefore, it is essential that in addition to being of good quality, also be treated with chemicals, so that it has an extended shelf life and does not take termite.


The metal parts of Pilates equipment are also important and should be made with good materials, to have resistance and does not rust. Equipment with stainless steel is excellent options, because other types of steel can rust due to constant contact with sweat.


To prevent the equipment’s fabric from tearing over time, this factor must also be observed when purchasing and appliance. A good choice of fabric is nautical leather, which is resistant to heat and moisture.

Using equipment with only this material you can avoid surprises like damaged upholstery, cracking or tearing easily. Also prefer fabric with edges finalized with sewing, which are more resistant.


This is an important criterion to be evaluated. Quality Pilates equipment uses predominantly EVA instead of ordinary foam.

Over time the difference is noticeable. Common foam equipment is “curved” and becomes uncomfortable due to wear. The ones with EVA, with the same time of use remain straight and look new. The durability factor is unmatched


More than only aesthetic, the painting also interferes on the Pilates equipment durability. Ideally, the used materials should be of high quality, so they resist the action of time.

On the metal parts, a painting heated increases the durability of the piece and make smooth finishes, without bubbles.

How to know?

As you may have noticed, there are many points that need to be checked to make sure that you are getting quality Pilates equipment. However, not all of these factors are easy to grasp at first. How to do it when?

For that information that you can’t notice at the first look or by web searching, you can search directly with the company that you will acquire the equipment. We are also available to answer questions, it just gets in touch.

This care, in the future, will show it rewarding, because good quality equipment, comfort and practicality, besides last longer, will increase your classes level and will save you time on day by day.

Changing the equipment of a Studio already assembled is also an alternative

If you already a step up your studio and, reading this post, realizes that your equipment does not have the same quality and safety necessaries, know that it is still possible to reverse this. Was what the Pilates professional Thaiz Peres, owner of TP Espace – Pilates and Rehabilitation.

Thaiz changed all the equipment from your Studio, that does not have the characteristics described above, by Kauffer brand quality equipment, which is within all points described and is considered of the highest standard.

The professional reports that the equipment she had before began to present problems with only six months of use, and that the company that made them did not make a point of assisting her. “On several occasions, my Step Chair broke and risked the safety of my students,” she recalls.

Thaiz, who was unhappy with the equipment and after-sales of the hired company initially, met Kauffer Pilates in one of the EPP editions that took place in Curitiba/PR.


The professional points out that the points where she felt the most difference between the old company and those of Kauffer were: comfort, springs, equipment design and, above all, safety provided.

“Quality Pilates equipment is sure to complement the professional Pilates instructor, because they allow for more performance and the structure offers more safety for both the instructor and the student!”, says Thaiz.

She, who says she is very satisfied with the exchange, warns professionals that when it comes to handsets, they should be able to find safety, comfort, size, compatibility and performance.

Care such as these is critical so that when it comes to setting up a studio, the professional prevents headaches and even future processes, and can provide students with safe practices in quality Pilates equipment.

And you, do you also think that quality pialtes equipment are important? Tell us if this post has helped you in choosing of Pilates equipment for your Studio.


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