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Beginner Pilates classes deserve special attention in any studio. It is in the first classes that instructor and student should establish a connection for the new practitioner to motivate and identify with pilates. This is a key moment for your business, as motivated students are much more likely to stay in their studio.

If you follow these tips below, your new students will be much more motivated and retention guaranteed. Remember that many of the tips can also be applied to older students to give a new spirit!

Make the student comfortable

It is normal for new students to be withdrawn in the first pilates classes. Therefore, it is the instructor’s obligation to do their utmost to make them comfortable. Orient about the ideal clothes, take care of the ambient temperature and sound, make the student lose fear of the equipment. At this stage, conversation is very important.

Clarify Their Doubts

Leave no doubt about practice, space, methodology, or any other questions that may arise at any time. Sometimes what may seem like a silly question to the instructor who deals with it daily can make all the difference in the motivation of the new student.

Know Your Student

Don’t just answer the questions that come up, but ask yourself the questions you need to get to know the new student a little more. Avoid, however, forcing an intimacy that doesn’t exist, as you may further shrink the student. Bring up subjects such as motivations, routines, and anything that might influence the practice of pilates.

But be careful not to let the conversation take too long of practice. There should be time for everything, but let the student concentrate on learning the movements.

Focus on student goals

The class should meet student expectations. So always make the lesson program geared to his individual goals. Make clear the results achievable with pilates practice so as not to create false expectations in the student. This can be crucial in retaining the beginner or not.

Make a Pilates Program for Beginners…

Even if the new practitioner has an active life, it is always important to remember that every beginner will take a while to master the basics of pilates and improve on the proposed moves. So think of a program that is affordable for those just starting out.

… but evolve with the student

Paying special attention to new students will also allow the instructor to monitor their progress. Don’t let the new student stagnate as this can be daunting. One tip is to try introducing new exercises at least every 15 days. With new challenges constantly, it is easier to further motivate the practitioner and ensure that he continues to attend classes.

Positive Reinforcement

Learn to reward the beginner pilates practitioner. This is not just about who is fast learner as this student should already be well motivated. It is important to praise the evolution day by day, even if the movements have not yet reached the perfect execution. Doing this, the student will realize that he is evolving at his own pace and will be excited to try new exercises.

Do you already use any of the tactics we mentioned to motivate your new students? What are the results? Share your experience in the comments!


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