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Commemorative dates are great opportunities for businesses to attract new customers with promotions, and your pilates studio is no different. Father’s Day, which falls on the second Sunday of August in Brazil, is an even more special opportunity as it can appeal to the male audience, which is usually not the focus of studios’ actions.

On broader dates like Father’s Day, actions may extend throughout the month. You can offer a discount for parents and children to enroll together throughout August, for example.

How to use Father’s Day and other commemorative dates to your advantage

Father’s Day

This is a time of great potential to attract an audience often overlooked in pilates studios. The male audience is still neglected by many studios, whether for the more female-oriented communication or the simple ignorance of men themselves whom usually don’t know that pilates is an ideal activity for all genders and ages.

Take advantage of the entire month of August to develop actions aimed at this audience. Offer a toast to the studio’s parents or arrange a special class for the fathers with breakfast. Another interesting tip is to campaign for your students to get their parents to enroll by offering a discount on their monthly payment. You can use a similar strategy for Mother’s Day or Women’s Day, for example.

Children’s Day

This is another audience with great potential for your studio. Plan a class for the kids in October. Invest in something very dynamic that can attract children’s attention to the practice of pilates. In addition to pilates itself, set up a fruit table or other healthy snack option to encourage good habits.

Easter and Christmas

These religious dates can also have special actions, such as breakfast during classes. Again, encourage your students to bring family or other friends to the studio by offering a special discount for those who enroll in action day.

Valentine’s Day

Another special date that can pay off for your studio. Offer a discount for couples who enroll together, such as paying only one monthly fee in the first month for those who start training with their partner.

On this day, it is important to value every form of love. Remember that homosexual couples must be respected and fit the campaign the same way!

Apart from these dates, what other occasions do you think can be taken advantage of by a pilates studio? Tell us in the comments!


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